Active Matrix Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode (AMQLED) is an innovative application of quantum dot technology in the display field. Compared with the widely used liquid crystal display technology, AMQLED is thinner and lighter, with a color gamut improved by more than 30%. Despite having a display structure similar to that of Active-Matrix Organic LED (AMOLED), AMQLED employs inorganic quantum dots as self-luminous materials having a longer service life and lower cost than that of organic light-emitting materials. As such, AMQLED is generally considered to be an important direction for the future display technology.

Recently, BOE has successfully developed 5-inch and 14-inch AMQLED displays. The products have three technical advantages.

1. Improvements in the material utilization by directly using the inkjet printing technology to prepare quantum dot light-emitting devices, compared with the traditional process.

2. BOE’s AMQLED is a quantum-dot self-luminous display technology whose mechanism is similar to that of an incandescent lamp. The injection of current can enable quantum dots to light, which is different from the LCD backlight using quantum-dot materials to span its color gamut. Therefore, AMQLED display structure is thinner and lighter.

3. They have a full-color display, with a color gamut exceeding that of 100% NTSC. Their color purity is higher, and the display image is more colorful.

BOE has made breakthroughs in AMQLED display technology and will further enhance the global competitive edge of China's display industry.

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